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Ditswammung Saccos

Motswedi Savings and Credit Society Limited

About Ditsweletse

Ditsweletse Overview

Ditsweletse Co-operative Society is a Secondary Society which seeks to explore investment opportunities for its primary Societies in accordance with Co-operatives Act of 2013 and guided by Co-operative Model Principles.
Ditsweletse is shining example of Co-operative Principle which encourages cooperation among Co-operatives.


a) To acquire, construct, maintain and alter any building necessary or convenient for the purpose of the Society
b) To develop, manage, sell, exchange, lease, mortgage, dispose of or otherwise deal with any property or rights of the Society.
c) To explore investment opportunities for the Member Societies
d) To ensure sustainability by providing support services for the Member Co-operatives
e) To provide a common forum for dealing with technical, financial and practical problems relating to Member Co-operatives and to devise ways and means of solving these problems.
f) To carry out publicity and marketing of the Society’s products and services.
g) To establish strategic alliances with other Institutions nationally and internationally as a way of benchmarking and adapting to best practices.
h) To undertake such other activities as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of the main objectives of the Society.

Our Membership Requirements

Founding Members

Any other registered

Co-operative Society in Botswana admitted in accordance with the Bye Laws.

A registered Co-operative Society resident in Botswana

Have a stable financial position

Not be under Judicial Management

Have paid a non-refundable entrance fee of P5 000 and the value of at least 1,200,000share(s) in the Society.`

Know our Cooperative

Ditswammung SACCOS, Motswedi SACCOS, Selebi-Phikwe Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society Limited & Bobonong Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society Limited

Ms. Keneilwe Refilwe Yane (Manager)

Ditsweletse Housing Co-operative Union Limited is a member in good standing of Botswana Co-operative Union (BOCA).

The Society has developed Bye Laws which were registered on the 25th April 2016. (give us new by-laws) UPLOADS-Inaugural meeting report. Animating promotional statements, Oodi weavers arts

The Society had the opportunity to participate at the Coop Day Project held in Selebi Phikwe. The project was geared at building a house for the less privileged family at Botshabelo. The Society further donated two beds for the family.

Our Values


•Law Abiding

Our Mission

Our Vision

Welcome To Ditsweletse Once again


Board Of Directors

Patricia Mphoto

Vice Secretary

Maria Kazondunge

Vice Chairperson

Dipuo Tshwenyego


Thapelo Obateng



Welcome to our Website

Contact with us

Contact us

Call: +267 71769477
Monday-Friday (8am-5pm)

Email: info@ditsweletsetsecoop.org.bw
Web: www.ditsweletsetsecoop.org.bw

Location: Airport Road,
Block 10, P. O. Box 191AEJ Gaborone Botswana

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